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A little o’ Iman, analyse as you will, this was done without prior will, a many, many, teenage year ago.

Their god is…

Their God is like the God of Shakespeare’s drunken Falstaff, “the inside of a church.”
Indeed, by a strange coincidence, some evangelical gentlemen have the same view of
matters spiritual as that drunkard (which might surprise them somewhat were they capable
of human emotion). But there is little fear that their blindness will ever turn into insight.

Wave goodbye, wish me well. Be back soon, subject too prune.

What you’re subject to, is, what you’re to subject.

Happy Birthday!

Peace, Love &


Melancholy – Vincent Van Gogh

Happy birthday you melancholic madman.


Alien heads!

IMG_0215[1] Layers donkey… Like an onion.

Study – Social net, works.



Chronique Locale

Jonquil Pothead

Study – Locale Jonquil Pothead



Sunflowers you hope? No… You don’t copy a whole gallery. Did Vincent copy all of Millet’s work? No, he near took name for one though. Jonquils are the flowers that will be flourishing this piece.

A tribute… to who? We’ll see.

I’m sure everyone would agree Vincent was a man of emotions, without elaborating on the vast tree of emotions that is. When it comes to emotions love is all there really is. When we think about all the various Gogh emotions we find ourselves down many yellow brick roads, but one he truly goes out of his way to express to. She must have been one… well, one for Vincent, to perhaps confine in and portray unto his utmost extent.

Inarguably accounting for his notoriety. Who better to tribute?

“A tribute… to who? We’ll see.”

To conclude, yes, the man loved his flowers. He also showed love to all. Some may say extensively to some, for that case I would say predominately to one…

A tribute to Rachel, or a tribute to Vincent?
A tribute to whomever, either or. You decide.




Happy Birthday Week Vincent Van Gogh. 30th March 2014, 161.






Room in _ _ _ _ _?


Study – Room in _ _ _ _ _?




Happy Birthday Week Vincent Van Gogh. 30th March 2014, 161.






Emotions warped…

Emotions warped and love hurt, provide the stepping stone for the most necessary thing in life, self development. Through positive goals, determination and relativity of current feelings these goals will flourish throughout life, not only that though, they would continue to to be based upon current feelings for self-improvement. I propose to any wondering souls that the feeling of self-development will be amplified even greater if pursued through emotions of working on love & not sorrow. Therefore I surmise all feelings, bad or good are forms of such. Sorrow, Anger, Pity, Beauty, any thought that can be thought.


Happy Birthday Week Vincent Van Gogh. 30th March 2014, 161.






There’s a cold winter coming this year… there’s a cold winter coming.



The Kamikaze Kind


The kamikaze kind… define the things you scribe… Methods of a melancholic madman.






Happy Birthday Week Vincent Van Gogh. 30th March 2014, 161.






“Will our post-ideological societies regress steadily toward self-indulgence?”

Not my question, therefore it is quoted, my response;

I sincerely, but at the same time more than pitifully, sorrowfully & even lovingly believe man will not evolve much further than self-worth and indulgence if society is to continue at the current rate of standards through recommended education, prerequisite requirements for expression of creativity in any profession, judgmental standards of living, bias religious views to whichever their own stance & especially anything which need be defined by standards of other’s pasts or guidelines laid out by established professionals in any regard where each thing must be followed to the precise point.

One could interpret that as a formula for anarchism, chaos or instability, on the contrary I believe that is the most pessimistic thought one could have… Systematic layouts and guidelines are certainly a necessity, I would never differ from such views and agree with them as much as I do contentious analysis of stability. However, one must take these things as records of prior success though and that if one had not differed from such in the past, nothing in any structure of life would be developed, improved or in anyway a system of what it is now. One must forever strive to learn more in this life and develop their profession not for financial gain, but for the benefit of all man-kind.

If we’re not hoping for and forever developing change on this Earth, the Earth will do so for us, we will then be the ones changed, for better, or for worse.


the journey there


I am therefore I write.


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